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Lowest Price Possible with the Least Amount of Hassel.
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Don't know your part number?
No problem, our qualified Parts Specialists will look up the parts for you and even send you parts schematics so you can identify the parts you need. We ask all the right questions to make sure you are getting the correct parts for your machine, at a price that fits your budget. Be sure to call with your part numbers if you have them, unit identification tags or machine serial number in hand.   
Quality Heavy Equipment Parts for Less is your resource for any and all big and small parts, and if we do not stock it, we have the suppliers to drop ship to your door, still for a great price.
  1. Drive line Parts
    Drive line Parts
    We can supply new, aftermarket and inspected used parts for most machine makes and models. Winch drive line parts, universal joints, driveshaft's, ready to ship to get your machine moving again.
  2. Engine Rebuild Kits
    Engine Rebuild Kits
    We can supply diesel engine in-frame and out-of-frame overhaul rebuild kits both for off and on-highway heavy-duty applications. Our diesel rebuild kits are manufactured to withstand the most demanding working environments.
  3. Transmission Kits
    Transmission Kits
    We can supply high quality transmission rebuilt kits containing the soft parts for your rebuild job. We also can supply the bigger hard parts, like housing, shafts, gears, bearings and clutch packs. Grab your tag number and call us.
  4. Brake Parts
    Brake Parts
    We can supply virtually anything you need for repair or maintenance of your equipment’s braking system; friction materials, brake bands, plates, discs and lining.
  1. Ring & Pinions
    Ring & Pinions
    New aftermarket and good used ring and pinion sets are available for most makes and models of forestry, construction, mining and agriculture machines. Call with your machine serial number and differential tag information.
  2. Exhaust Parts
    Exhaust Parts
    From manifolds to mufflers we can help with your exhaust needs for most machine makes and models. New aftermarket and used take off's can usually ship same day.
  3. Gasket & Seal Kits
    Gasket & Seal Kits
    Gasket and seal kits are available for many components such as transmissions, engines, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps and valves. Call with your machine and component information to match up your kits today.
  4. Clutch Parts
    Clutch Parts
    New OEM and aftermarkets clutch components for forestry, construction, mining and agriculture applications. Our product line offers the quality, fitment and durability expected from a world-class manufacturers.
  1. Winch Brake Bands
    Winch Brake Bands
    Winch brake bands available for most Allied, Carco, Caterpillar, John Deere, Gearmatic, Hyster, MFG, and Paccar winch models.
  2. Transfer Case Parts
    Transfer Case Parts
    Call with your machine and transfer case information and we can help you with the hard and soft parts you will need to rebuilt or fix your transfer case. Complete or housings, shafts, gears and more.
  3. Frame Wear Parts
    Frame Wear Parts
    Keep your machine tight with new articulation pins and bushings. New OEM and aftermarket kits are available for most machine models in the forestry and construction industry.
  4. Torque Converters
    Torque Converters
    New aftermarket, good used inspected, and remanufactured torque converters are available. Call with your torque converter information and a Parts Specialist can help today.
  1. Filters & Elements
    Filters & Elements
    Extend the life of your machine and components by following your manufacture's maintenance schedule. We can supply top of the line filters for less money.
  2. Injectors & Nozzles
    Injectors & Nozzles
    We supply new OEM, aftermarket and remanufactured exchange injectors for heavy equipment. Buying remanufactured exchange units minimizes down time and helps keeps the costs within your budget.
  3. Bearings
    New OEM or high quality aftermarket bearings and races for most components are available ready to ship today.
  4. Tire Chains
    Tire Chains
    Our forestry and heavy equipment tire chains are 100% American made and hand assembled for optimum quality control.
New EGS Shifters are ready to ship!
We can Repair and Return your Shifter or Gear Selector.

We can supply new EGS shifters at a fraction of what it would cost from your local dealer.
If you prefer, you can send us your shifter or gear selector and we will quote you on a repair and return of your unit. 

Timberjack -EGS Shifter
Part number F434084 and F121195.
New EGS shifters for $2,595.00.
Remanufactured exchange $1,795.00 plus $300.00 core charge.
Repair and Return your unit usually runs around $1,550.00. (roughly 7-10 days turn around time)
Plus shipping.
Be sure to ask a Parts Specialists about our
EGS Cores for Cash Program! 
Timberjack 360, 460, John Deere 648H, Caterpillar, Doosan, ZF, Skyjack, Genie and many others.
New Hydraulic Cylinders for Caterpillar, Case, John Deere. Forestry, Construction and Agriculture.

We can supply  complete hydraulic cylinders or the tubes, chrome rods, pistons, glands and seal kits separately. To ensure a high quality product each individual cylinder assembly is strategically pressure tested and meticulously checked for quality at the time of assembly. The hydraulic cylinders are fabricated to meet OEM specifications and are specifically detailed to have the seals and cylinder components interchange with OEM parts.
If you do not see your part number below, please call a
Parts  Specialist for a quick and easy price quote.

Case 140965A1 Dipper Cylinder
Case 144200A1 boom cylinder assembly
Case 144458A1 steering cylinder
Case 1542644C1 angle cylinder assembly
Case 1542717C1 Tilt Cylinder
Case 1543391C1 boom cylinder assembly
Case 175774A1 dipper cylinder assembly
Case 175785A1 Boom Cylinder
Case 177256A1 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Case 177257A1 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Case 183795A3 dipper cylinder assembly
Case 189653A2 boom cylinder assembly
Case 190595A2 angle cylinder (w/out bushings)
Case 195503A1 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Case 195504A1 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Case 1971702C4 swing cylinder assembly
Case 1980460C2 boom cylinder assembly
Case 1986853C1 stabilizer cylinder assembly
Case 1994520C2 Dipper Cylinder
Case 199720A1 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Case 199721A1 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Case 229402A1 steering cylinder
Case 233114A2 dipper cylinder assembly
Case 234447A1 Steering Cylinder, 2WD
Case 234449A1 Steering Cylinder, 4WD
Case 235916A1 bucket cylinder assembly
Case 296434A1 Bucket Cylinder
Case 310844A1 boom cylinder assembly
Case 339921A1 tilt cylinder
Case 412359A1 angle cylinder (w/out bushings)
Case 84210937 Stabilizer Cylinder
Case 84210946 Stabilizer Cylinder
Case 84421603 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Case 84421604 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Case 84421605 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Case 84421606 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Case 87408036 boom cylinder assembly
Case 87417644 Boom Cylinder
Case 87711763 Boom Cylinder
Case G103407 tilt cylinder L/H & R/H
Case G103503 bucket cylinder assembly
Case G104917 swing cylinder assembly
Case G105756 loader lift cylinder assembly
Case G106168 boom cylinder assembly
Case G106682 dipper cylinder assembly
Case G107720 steering cylinder, without eyes
Case G109139 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Case G109140 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Case G109434 bucket cylinder assembly
Case G109485 tilt cylinder assembly
Case G110672 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Case G110673 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Cat 143-7219 Tilt cylinder (w/out bushings)
Cat 152-6482 Angle Cylinder, without bushings
Cat 152-6485 Angle Cylinder, without bushings
Cat 152-9148 Boom Cylinder
Cat 180-7484 stabilizer cylinder L/H
Cat 180-7485 stabilizer cylinder R/H
Cat 262-7049 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Cat 262-7050 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Cat 291-2681 Stabilizer Cylinder, L/H
Cat 291-2682 Stabilizer Cylinder, R/H
Cat 6E0274 boom cylinder assembly
Cat 6E0275 bucket cylinder assembly
Cat 6E1964 bucket cylinder assembly
Cat 9T5219 boom cylinder assembly
Dresser 620630C92 angle cylinder assembly
John Deere AH147720 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AH147721 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AH147722 bucket cylinder assembly
John Deere AH148437 bucket cylinder
John Deere AH149621 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH149623 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH149625 Boom Cylinder
John Deere AH149790 Bucket Cylinder
John Deere AH149949 angle cylinder assembly (w/out bushings)
John Deere AH150059 steering cylinder
John Deere AH150081 steering cylinder
John Deere AH150349 lift cylinder
John Deere AH154775 boom cylinder assembly
John Deere AH154776 dipper cylinder assembly
John Deere AH154956 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH157980 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH159938 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AH161762 lift cylinder assembly
John Deere AH161764 angle cylinder assembly (w/out bushings)
John Deere AH161766 tilt cylinder
John Deere AH161770 angle cylinder assembly, without bushings
John Deere AH163865 lift cylinder, with bushings
John Deere AH164137 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH164138 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH165689 angle cylinder, without bushings
John Deere AH165962 Piston
John Deere AH168541 lift cylinder (skidder)
John Deere AH168542 lift cylinder (skidder)
John Deere AH168543 lift cylinder (skidder)
John Deere AH169780 Tilt Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AH169831 Angle Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AH206726 bucket cylinder
John Deere AH208379 bucket cylinder
John Deere AH208628 Angle Cylinder
John Deere AH208628R Angle Cylinder, OEM Reman
John Deere AH208630 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AH208630R Lift Cylinder, OEM Reman
John Deere AH208632 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AH209080 bucket cylinder
John Deere AH209133 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AH209138 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AH210530 lift cylinder
John Deere AH210901 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AH210902 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AH211131 Boom Cylinder
John Deere AH211132 Boom Cylinder
John Deere AH211196 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AH211198 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AH211214 steering cylinder
John Deere AH211335 Angle Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AH211365 angle cylinder, without bushings
John Deere AH211370 lift cylinder, with bushings
John Deere AH211851 angle cylinder, without bushings
John Deere AH213303 steering cylinder
John Deere AH215878 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AH216716 angle cylinder, without bushings
John Deere AH216998 Tilt Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AH217118 Angle Cylinder
John Deere AH217444 Boom Cylinder
John Deere AH219499 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AH219500 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AH219537 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AH219538 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AH219541 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AH219542 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AH219631 bucket cylinder
John Deere AH219632 Boom Cylinder
John Deere AH219633 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH219636 bucket cylinder
John Deere AH219637 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH219638 bucket cylinder
John Deere AH219640 Dipper Cylinder
John Deere AH79174 seal
John Deere AHC10406 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AHC10408 Angle Cylinder
John Deere AHC10544 Angle Cylinder
John Deere AHC10693 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AHC10694 Tilt Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AHC11111 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AHC11112 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AHC11115 stabilizer cylinder L/H
John Deere AHC11116 stabilizer cylinder R/H
John Deere AHC11124 bucket cylinder
John Deere AHC11572 seal kit (rod)
John Deere AHC12643 Angle Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AHC13485 seal kit
John Deere AHC15680 lift cylinder, with bushings
John Deere AHC15681 angle cylinder, without bushings
John Deere AHC15747 Angle Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AHC15748 Tilt Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AHC15749 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AHC15750 Angle Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AHC15751 Tilt Cylinder, w/ spherical bushings
John Deere AHC16041 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AHC16061 Lift Cylinder
John Deere AHC16691 Angle Cylinder
John Deere AHC16697 Angle Cylinder
John Deere RE21394 boom cylinder
John Deere RE21400 bucket cylinder
John Deere RE21406 dipper cylinder
Komatsu 21K-70-23120 Link (cylinder to bucket)

New Bucket Links, H-Links, Bellcranks and Buckets for Caterpillar, Case, Hitachi, John Deere, Kobelco & Komatsu.
We offer heavy duty loader bellcranks and bucket links for Case, John Deere, and Cat wheel loaders.  We also offer a large volume of parts for Case, John Deere and Caterpillar Backhoes and Excavators. When you needs items as small as pins & bushings and as large as the actual backhoe boom. We have recently added Case booms to our already extensive list of backhoe inventory items and will continue to add additional items.

  • Loader Bellcranks
  • Bucket Links
  • Bucket & Linkage Pins & Bushings
  • Case Backhoe Booms & Dipper Arms
  • Bucket H-Links & Side Links
  • Y-Links & Quick Couplers
  • Pins & Bushings
  • Swing Tower Pin & Bushing Kits
  • Stabilizer Legs & Stabilizer Pads
  • Hydraulic Cylinders (Pressure Tested)
  • Front Loader Pins & Bushings
  • 13", 18", 24", 36", 42", 48" Backhoe Buckets

If you do not see your part number below, please call a
Parts  Specialist for a quick and easy price quote.

Case    242561A1       Y-Link,
Case    242562A1      bucket link,
Case    244790A1      Link,
Case    372960A2      link,
Case    400398A1      Y-Link,
Case    D123806        link,
Case    D126492        bucket link,
Case    D150080       Y-Link,
Case    D150608        bucket link,
Case    D61087          bucket link R/H,
Case    D61088          bucket link L/H,
Case    D61244          bucket link,
Case    D84166          link,R/H,
Case    D84167          link L/H,
Case    D89620          bucket link flat,
Case    D99731           bucket link,
Case    KRV2716        Link R/H,
Case    KRV2717        Link L/H,
Case    KRV3020       H link,
Case    KSV1449        H link,
Case    KSV1450        link R/H,
Case    KSV1451        link L/H,
Case    L118759         link,
Case    L128196         link,
Case    L129925         link,
Cat      113-3797        bucket link,
Cat      127-6371        bucket link,
Cat      145-8334       link L/H,
Cat      145-8337       link R/H,
Cat      148-7798       bucket link,
Cat      154-5265       H link,
Cat      154-5279        pin, bucket to linkage,
Cat      154-5280       pin, bucket to dipper,
Cat      166-1581        H link,
Cat      168-0015       H link,
Cat      174-8255       H link,
Cat      178-0964       H link,
Cat      180-7634       H link,
Cat      186-5650       link L/H,
Cat      186-5652       pin,
Cat      186-5653       H link,
Cat      187-5731        link R/H,
Cat      189-3878       link L/H,
Cat      193-0953       bucket link,
Cat      198-5736       link L/H,
Cat      198-5737        link R/H,
Cat      212-3002       H link,
Cat      235-3793       H link,
Cat      241-7319        H link,
Cat      260-2289       H link,
Cat      4V2881          bucket link,
Cat      4V4468          bucket link,
Cat      4V8641           bucket link,
Cat      5V1530           bucket link,
Cat      7I-2152          link L/H,
Cat      7I-2153          link R/H,
Cat      7Y-2392         link R/H,
Cat      7Y-3546         link R/H,
Cat      9R7699          H link,
Cat      9R8724          link,
Hitachi           3037342         link R/H,
Hitachi           3040205        link R/H,
Hitachi           3055521         link R/H,
Hitachi           3055538        pin,
Hitachi           3056355        link R/H,
Hitachi           4257933         link R/H,
Hitachi           8037570        link L/H,
Hitachi           8038660-61  H link,
Hitachi           8040334        link L/H,
Hitachi           8049857        H link,
Hitachi           8050126        H link,
Hitachi           8050168        H link,
Hitachi           8050179         H link,
Hitachi           8050397        link L/H,
Hitachi           8050930        link L/H,
Hitachi           8059049        chain guide,
Hitachi           8061523         link L/H,
Hitachi           8061525         link R/H,
Hitachi           8069128        H link,
Hitachi           8076541         H-Link,
Hitachi           8083071-72   H link,
Hitachi           8084924-25  H link,
Hitachi           8307570        link L/H,
Hitachi           9726946-94   H link,
Hitachi           9735190         link L/H,
Hitachi           AP38286-88 H link,
Hitachi           AT205901-02            H link,
John Deere   3037284        link R/H,
John Deere   3075524         link R/H,
John Deere   3076177         link R/H,
John Deere   3084173         link R/H,
John Deere   4425937         link R/H
John Deere   8037465        link L/H,
John Deere   8050176         link R/H,
John Deere   8050178        link L/H,
John Deere   8050336        H link,
John Deere   8065747         link L/H,
John Deere   8071699         link L/H,
John Deere   8074315         link L/H,
John Deere   8078142         H link,
John Deere   8080569        link L/H,
John Deere   8081885        H link,
John Deere   8082153        link L/H,
John Deere   8082552        link L/H,
John Deere   8083063        H link,
John Deere   9114176          H Link,
John Deere   9206398        H Link,
John Deere   9753307         link L/H,
John Deere   AP34182        link L/H,
John Deere   AP34756        link L/H,
John Deere   AT121755       link (444E),
John Deere   AT102223      link,
John Deere   AT102753      link (644E),
John Deere   AT122465      link (344E),
John Deere   AT126133       link R/H,
John Deere   AT127026      link L/H,
John Deere   AT143570      link (624G),
John Deere   AT146005      bucket link,
John Deere   AT147404      link L/H,
John Deere   AT147405      H link,
John Deere   AT149437      link (644G),
John Deere   AT154248      link R/H,
John Deere   AT154498      H link,
John Deere   AT154543      link L/H,
John Deere   AT154693      link R/H,
John Deere   AT154838      link L/H,
John Deere   AT157664      link (444E),
John Deere   AT158567      H link,
John Deere   AT181712       link,
John Deere   AT181713       link,
John Deere   AT181714       link,
John Deere   AT181715       link,
John Deere   AT183068      H link,
John Deere   AT192121       H link,
John Deere   AT200649     H link,
John Deere   AT200979      link R/H,
John Deere   AT201129      H link,
John Deere   AT201931      H Link,
John Deere   AT202994      Link,
John Deere   AT203518      link (444H),
John Deere   AT204679      link (344G),
John Deere   AT204681      link (444G),
John Deere   AT207079      link (544H),
John Deere   AT207688     link (624H),
John Deere   AT209081      link (644H),
John Deere   AT217891       H link,
John Deere   AT217947       link R/H,
John Deere   AT217953      pin,
John Deere   AT218024      link L/H,
John Deere   AT250209     H link,
John Deere   AT250240     link L/H,
John Deere   AT307532      Link,
John Deere   AT307535      Link,
John Deere   AT307538      Link,
John Deere   AT307549      Link,
John Deere   AT307557      Link,
John Deere   AT31947         link R/H,
John Deere   AT31948        link L/H,
John Deere   AT324138      H link,
John Deere   AT324237      pin,
John Deere   AT324554      link,
John Deere   AT324555      link,
John Deere   AT324556      H link,
John Deere   AT324620      link,
John Deere   AT324621      link,
John Deere   AT324622      H link,
John Deere   AT332193      Link,
John Deere   AT80539        bucket link,
John Deere   AU43240       link R/H,
John Deere   AU43241        link L/H,
John Deere   AU43577        H link,
John Deere   P64846          link R/H,
John Deere   T138765         link R/H,
John Deere   T159203         link R/H
John Deere   T32679           link,
John Deere   T32682          link,
John Deere   T34427           Link subs to AT80539,
John Deere   T39046          H link,
John Deere   TH110415      link R/H,
John Deere   TH110924      link L/H,
Kobelco          2406N1663F1           H link,
Kobelco          2406N1686F1           H link,
Kobelco          2406N1736F1            H link,
Kobelco          2406N795F1 H link,
Kobelco          2406P4800D1          link R/H,
Kobelco          2406P4800D2          link L/H,
Kobelco          2406P4810D2F1-D1F1        H link,
Kobelco          2406P4823D1           link L/H,
Kobelco          2406P4823D2          link R/H,
Kobelco          2406P4866D1           link R/H,
Kobelco          2406P4903D1           link L/H,
Kobelco          2406P4903D2          link R/H,
Kobelco          2406P5385D1           link L/H,
Kobelco          2406P5385D2          link R/H,
Kobelco          2406P5564    link L/H,
Kobelco          2406P5565    link R/H,
Komatsu        202-70-64121           link L/H,
Komatsu        202-70-64131           link R/H,
Komatsu        203-70-00870          H link,
Komatsu        205-70-73130           link,
Komatsu        206-70-00130          H link,
Komatsu        206-70-57120           link,
Komatsu        207-70-00120           H link,
Komatsu        207-70-33120           link,
Komatsu        208-70-00121           H link,
Komatsu        208-70-33120           link,
Komatsu        20X-70-00220-230 H link,
Komatsu        20X-70-24110           link R/H,
Komatsu        20X-70-24120          link L/H,
Komatsu        21K-70-23110           link L/H,
Komatsu        21K-70-23120           Link,
Komatsu        21K-70-23210           link R/H
  • 3.0 cubic-inch model GA1
  • Two inlet ports of  1-1/16"
  • Outlet port of 1-1/16" (if outlet port on old pump is              7/8 o-ring thread, a fitting is required)
  • We have a New replacment for OEM pump: AR94660
  • We have a New replacment for OEM pump​: AR101807 (with supplied right inlet port fitting)
  • 100% brand new pumps.
  • Highest quality on the market.
  • ​Excellent performance and long life pump.
  • All of these pumps have been run on test bench to check pressures and functionality.
  • These pumps carry a 1 year parts warranty.
  • In stock, giving you the off the shelf availability.
  • Used in nearly all Waterloo tractors produced from 1961 until the early 1990's.
New Hydraulic pumps for John Deere Agriculture and Industrial Applications
Equipment Applications:
Farm Tractor: 2030, 2350, 2440, 2510, 2520, 2550, 2555, 2630, 2640, 2755, 2840, 2940, 2950, 2955, 3010, 3020, 3150, 3155, 4000, 4010, 4020, 4030, 4040, 4050, 4055, 4230, 4240, 4250, 4255, 4320, 4350, 4430, 4440, 4455, 4520, 4620, 4630, 4640, 4840, 5010, 5020, 6030, 7020
Loader: John Deere 444, John Deere 544, John Deere 544A, John Deere 544B, John Deere 644 John Deere 644A, John Deere 644B
Loader/Backhoe: 300B, 302A, 401C, 401D, 510,  John Deere 300, 310, 400, 500, 500A, 500B, 600, 700A
Motor Grader: 570A, 570B, John Deere 570
Skidder: 340D, 440C, 440D, 448D, 540B, 540D, 548D, 640, 440, 440A, 440B, 540, 540A
  • 4.0 cubic-inch model JA1
  • Two inlet ports of  1-1/16"
  • Outlet port of 1-1/16"
  • We have a New replacment for OEM pump:  AR94661
  • We have a New replacment for OEM pumps: AR99839, AR73106, AR70722, AR46246  
  • 100% brand new pumps.
  • Highest quality on the market.
  • ​Excellent performance and long life pump.
  • All of these pumps have been run on test bench to check pressures and functionality.
  • These pumps carry a 1 year parts warranty.
  • In stock, giving you the off the shelf availability.
  • Used in nearly all Waterloo tractors produced from 1961 until the early 1990's.
New Hydraulic pumps for John Deere Agriculture and Industrial Applications
Equipment Applications:
Tractor with MFWD (Mechanical Front Wheel Drive): 4000, 4020, 4040, 4230, 4240, 4320, 4430, 4440, 4520, 4620, 4630, 4640
 Farm Tractor: 4555, 4650, 4755, 4850, 4955
 4-WD Tractor: 8430, 8440, 8450, 8630, 8640, 8650
Ask us for Our Seat Catalog!
Our seats have more features to enhance the operators's comfort.
We offer high quality replacement seats and air/ mechanical suspension frames for on and off highway applications such as agriculture, construction, forestry and large material handling equipment.
 You can replace your worn out seat and use your existing seat suspension or replace your air or mechanical suspension as well.
Equipment Applications: All makes and all models: Log Loaders, wheel loaders, pavers, crawlers, skidders, cranes, tractors, dozers, excavators, loader backhoes, large material handling equipment.
Many Styles to choose from!
Parts -Test and Operator Manuals
 ​We can supply parts, service, operators and test manuals for a variety of makes and models of heavy equipment.
If you do not see your Make and Model below call us to check availablity.  Most manuals are available in hard print, CD or immediate PDF downloads formats.
John Deere & Caterpillar Printed Manuals
Parts, Operators, Test, Repair and Technical Manuals.
Printed Manuals In Stock. 
Call or Email for Price and Availablity.
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John Deere 992E LC Excavator, Operators Manual,  OMT161069 Issue G6.
John Deere 120  Excavator,  Parts Manual  PC2592.
Qty 2x John Deere 992E LC Excavator, Parts Manual   PC2412.
John Deere 892D-LC Excavator,  Parts Manual    PC2199.
John Deere 330LC and 370 Excavator, Parts Manual   PC2706.
John Deere 544E and 644E Wheel Loader,  Technical Manual TM-1414.
John Deere 992E LC Excavator, Operation and Test Manual  TM1560.
John Deere 790D, 790D-LC, 892D-LC Excavator, Operation and Test Manual   TM1395.
John Deere 790D, 790D-LC, 892D-LC Excavator, Repair and Technical Manual   TM1396.
John Deere 490D and 590D Excavator, Repair and Technical Manual    TM1390.
John Deere 330LC and 370 Excavator, Parts Manual  PC2706.
John Deere 644E Loader,  Parts Manual    PC-2171.
John Deere 544E Loader,  Parts Manual    PC-2170.
John Deere 544G, 544G LL, 544G TC, 624G, 644G Loader,  Repair and Technical Manual     TM1530.
John Deere 544G, 544G LL, 544G TC, 624G, 644G Loader,  Operation and Test Manual  TM1529.
John Deere 992E LC Excavator, Repair and Technical Manual   TM1560.
John Deere 644H Loader, Parts Manual    PC2658 (still in the plastic).
John Deere 540G, 624G, 544G 624G Loader, 544G TL, 544G LL Log Loader Parts Manual    PC2364.

Hitachi EX750-5, EX800H-5 Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Excavators, Parts Manual   Serial Range 005001~ Part# PI7C-EI-2.
Caterpillar 235D Excavator, Service Manual (Engine, Vehicle Systems, Electrical Systems, Operators Station, Maintenance).

qty 2 x Caterpillar 950B Wheel Loader, Service Manual Serials: 22Z, 63R, 31R, 65R ( 1 rough condition and 1 good condition)

Caterpillar 950B Wheel Loader, Service Manual Serial: 31K, 73J, 43J, 81J.
John Deere 544E, 644E Loader, Operation and Test Manual  TM1413.
Qty 2 x John Deere 644e Loader, Parts Manual    PC2171.
Qty 2 x John Deere 544H, TC54H (TC), 544H LL (Log Loader), Parts Manual    PC2610.
John Deere 992E LC Excavator, Operation and Test Manual  TM1559.
John Deere 992E LC Excavator, Repair and Technical Manual    TM1560.

Caterpillar 950B Wheel Loader Powered by 3304, Engine Parts Manual     Serial: 22Z1-UP (Vehicle), 31R1-UP (Vehicle), 7Z1375-UP (Engine), 8SA1-UP (Transmission), 4RA1-UP (Transmission).

Caterpillar 963 LGP Track Loader Powered by 3304, engine Parts Manual    Serial: 21Z1-UP (Vehicle), 12Z537-UP (engine), 4TA1-UP (Transmission), 43Y1-UP (Ripper).

Caterpillar 235, 235B Excavator, Service Manual  Serial: 32K, 62X, 64R, 81X, 83X, 1FD, 4ED, 7WC, 9PC.
Caterpillar 235C Excavator, Service Manual  Serial: 2PG, 3WG, 4DF, 5AF.
John Deere 120 Excavator, Parts Manual    PC2592 (Still in Plastic).
John Deere 892D-LC Excavator, Operators Manual OM-T85317 Issue E9.
John Deere 210C, 310C Backhoe Loader, 210C Landscape Loader  Operators Manual OM-T122173 Issue F8.
John Deere 544G, 544G LL, 544G TC, 624G, 644G Loader, Operators Manual    OM-144282 Issue J2.

Bell ADE 442N  Engine, Parts Manual  PN 875015.

Caterpillar 966D Wheel Loader Powered by 3306, Parts Manual Engine Serial: 99Y1 to 99Y5314 (Vehicle), 8Z1731 to last installed engine, 4KA1 to last installed transmission. (NOT IN GREAT CONDITION).

Caterpillar E120B Excavator, Supplement for track type excavator Operation and Maintenance manual  Serial: 6JF1-UP.

qty 2 x Caterpillar 950 Wheel Loader, Lube and Maintenance Guide Serial: 43J2724-UP, 73J2081-UP, 81J3730-UP, 31K962-UP.

Caterpillar 120G, 1230G Motor Grader,  Maintenance Manual Serial: 74V1-UP, 12W1-UP, 82V1-UP, 87V1-UP, 11W1-UP.
Caterpillar D4E Track Type Tractor,  Maintenance Manual Serial: 76W1-UP, 77W1-UP, 27X1-UP, 28X1-UP, 29X1-UP, 50X1-UP, 51X1-UP, 52X1-UP, 68X1-UP, 69X1-UP, 70X1-UP, 71X1-UP, 72X1.

Caterpillar 963 Track Type Loader,  Operation Manual Serial: 6Z1-UP, 11Z1-UP.
Caterpillar 963 Track Type Loader, Maintenance Manual Serial: 6Z1-UP, 11Z1-UP.
Caterpillar E70B Electronic Controller Systems, Operation Serial: 5TG1-UP.
Caterpillar 235B Excavator,  Parts Manual   Serial: 8KJ1-UP (Vehicle), 8Z66174-UP (Engine).

Caterpillar E120B Track Type Excavator  powered by 3114T engine, Parts Manual Serial: 6JF1-UP (Vehicle), 2ZF1-UP (Engine) .

Caterpillar 950 Wheel Loader powered by 3304 engine, Parts Manual Serial: 22Z3189-UP (Vehicle), 7Z0112-UP (Engine), 2ZE1-UP (Transmission), 3DE1-UP (Transmission).

Caterpillar D6H, D6H LGP Series II Tractor, differential steering powered by 3306 engine, Parts Manual Serial:3ZF4000-UP (MACHINE), 3YG4000-UP (MACHINE),8Z58900-UP (Engine), 7PE1-UP (Transmission), 1AH1-UP (Bulldozer), 1BH660-UP (Bulldozer), 1CH1-UP (Bulldozer), 6HH1-UP (Bulldozer), 1EH1-UP (Ripper), 9JA1-UP (Winch).

Caterpillar 312 Track Type Excavator powered by 3064, Engine Parts Manual Serial: 6gk1-UP (Vehicle), 6lk01917-UP (Engine).
Caterpillar 235 Excavator,  Service Manual   Serial: 32K, 62X, 64R, 81X 83X.

qty 2 x Caterpillar 963 LGP Track Loader powered by 3304 engine,  Parts Manual Serial: 11Z1-UP (Vehicle), 7Z1055-UP (Engine), 4TA1-UP (Transmission), 36Y1-UP (Ripper) (NOT IN GREAT CONDITION) .

Caterpillar 950 Wheel Loader, Parts Manual Serial: 81J5411-UP.
Caterpillar 235EX Excavator  powered by 3306 engine, Parts Manual   Serial: 32K1301-UP (Vehicle), 62X1-UP (Vehicle), 3N56149-UP (Engine).

Caterpillar 950 Wheel Loader powered by 3304 engine, Parts Manual   Serial: 81J7844-UP (Vehicle), 31K1486-UP (Vehicle), 78P18799-UP (Engine).
Caterpillar 235B Excavator  powered by 3306 engine, Parts Manual   Serial: 7WC1-UP (Vehicle), 1FD1-UP (Vehicle), 8Z30441-UP (Engine).

Caterpillar 950B Wheel Loader powered by 3304 engine, Parts Manual   Serial: 22Z1 TO 22Z3188 (Vehicle), 31R TO LAST BUILT (Vehicle), 7Z1 TO LAST INSTALLED (Engine), 8SA1  TO LAST INSTALLED TRANSMISSION, 4RA1 TO LAST INSTALLED TRANSMISSION.

Caterpillar 235C Excavator  powered by 3306 engine, Parts Manual   Serial: 5AF1-UP (Backhoe), 3WG1-UP (Front Shovel), 8Z41870-UP (Engine).

Caterpillar 963 LGP Track Loader powered by 3304 engine, Parts Manual Serial: 11Z1-UP (Vehicle), 7Z1055-UP (Engine), 4TA1-UP (Transmission), 36Y1-UP (Ripper).
Caterpillar 225 Excavator,  Parts Manual   Serial: 51U590-51U2033.

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  1. Cummins NHF 240 In a Lima Crane
  2. Winch Drive Line~ JD 440A/B & 540A
  3. CAT 345CL Cab with glass
  4. John Deere 440C Transmission
  5. John Deere 690ELC H-Link and Bucket
  6. CAT 988B Radiator
  7. Case 1845 Radiator
  8. Case 9020B  Hydraulic pump
  9. Lull 1044C-54 Front Axle Carrier Assm. Part# 37785X
  10. CAT 7N3630 New Cylinder Head
  11. CAT IT24F Axle
  12. CAT C15 Engine
  13. CAT 385B Main pump
  14. Komatsu PC128UU-1 Final Drive
  15. Komatsu PC128UU-1 Swing Motor